The tag sounds vague and judgemental. What exactly about what happened is "bad"? Shouldn't a tag for that be used instead (like , in use on at least one of these questions)? In any difference of opinion between an unhappy user and a moderator, one side of that is going to want to apply the word "bad"; that doesn't make it so.

What does this tag add? If the answer is "nothing", what should we do with the questions so tagged?

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I have just taken care of all questions .

We're left with three questions that relate to incorrect actions taken by a moderator, one of which also held the tag, which seems more descriptive for this issue. However, I think we can find a better tag for that, too, and I'd like to see a suggestion in that respect.


I think we should remove the tag. Here are the questions currently tagged this way and proposed tagging changes.

I am being blamed for an incorrect moderator action I didn't take. What should be done? (also bears the problematic "moderator-relationship" tag, which I'm ignoring for now): this is about , and maybe .

How should I deal with a moderator who shows favoritism?: already tagged , which is sufficient.

How can a site be rescued after an exodus of moderators?: I see we have a tag (which I'm uncertain about, but if we have it, it seems to apply). This is also about .

Moderator bans user in the course of an on-topic argument: and seem to cover this fine. (I have an edit pending here, actually, made before I thought about the larger problem with this tag.)

How do you handle community backlash over an incorrect action taken by a moderator?: already tagged and ; that seems sufficient. Also, as described, this question isn't so much about bad moderation as erroneous moderation; while errors are bad, "bad" here seems to be more about intent/malice.

How should we deal with moderators who are making bad calls?: sounds like to me. And if we don't already have a tag for moderator oversight (covering, e.g., issues involving site owners and other people above the moderators), maybe we need one.

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