COMPLETED Non-digital communities. We've said we support non-digital communities, but we have no questions. Let's start a series of questions related to this aspect of our site. One example of a more focused "non-digital communities" theme is questions related to your neighborhood. Any community defined primarily by geographic area or physical proximity ...


COMPLETED new-users has many questions about how to encourage a new user to conform to site policies. I think we can expand this tag to include questions about engaging new users, encouraging them to stick around, and not hammering them over the head with rules.


Our first challenge has completed. We received 5 questions involving Non Digital Communities Can't ban and the physical world has no "ignore" button; how do we deal with a disruptive member? How do I help members of a community focus on work when they want to be social? How can I organically make sure that interested folks are included in ...


COMPLETED Let's ask questions about transitions. No community is static; communities grow and shrink, become more or less active, etc. How do we keep them functional when this happens? How do we add some structure to a community that's now too large to run by consensus? How do we migrate a community from one platform to another? (That's not a technical ...


We might get some mileage out of questions about working with short-term/temporary communities. Anything from a one-day training, workshop or hackathon, to a several-months long cohort of classmates or co-workers. I think these questions would tend to favor offline communities but by no means exclude online communities – MOOCs, kickstarter backers, etc.


This challenge has been completed. We received one question for this challenge attracting one answer during the challenge time: As a user, how can I stay on top of a fast-growing community? (growth) Thanks to the participants of this event.


Our second challenge has been completed! We received two questions for this challenge - one from a user and one from a community leader: Hi! I'm new and I want to participate…how do I do so? How do you handle sudden growth and expansion in a mature community? These questions attracted 3 different answers. Thanks to the participants of this event. We'll ...

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