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Should tags contain the word 'moderator'?

It seems to me that tags like moderator-selection can be renamed simply to selection without being ambiguous, and avoiding redundancy. Similarly, moderator-teams can become teams, moderator-elections ...
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Do we need separate tags for different sites?

I mostly moderate on SE and a little on another site, so I'm not entirely sure how moderation varies from site to site. Nonetheless, should we have separate tags for the "most common" sites in which ...
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4 answers

Let's talk about tag wikis

According to SEDE, we have 104 unique tags for our 244 questions. Almost one out of five of the questions is tagged with user-behavior and almost one out of seven is tagged with problem-users. Only ...
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What tagging guidelines do we want to establish?

Now that we have gathered some questions (and are closing in on the one-week-mark), it's time to evaluate the tags we have created. Some statistics (as of writing): We have created a total of 93 ...
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What is our tagging philosophy?

Tag taxonomy is hard, and no new site I've been part of has gotten it right on the first try. That's normal. We've now been in beta for a few months and have started to build up a hodge-podge of ...
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Should we come up with tag standards?

When providing an answer to this question, I noticed that we have a variety of tagging methods going on. Some examples I found: moderation-bullying vs moderator-selection. Should we be using a common ...
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2 answers

Merge [rules] into [policies]?

policies currently has two questions and rules has four. These don't seem sufficiently distinct to me. Can we either clarify the difference (via tag wikis, please) or merge them (and create a ...
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What's the use and meaning of the [moderator-relationship] tag?

I'll put it right out there: I don't think this is a useful tag. I think its meaning is unclear and I can't imagine ever wanting or needing to use it to filter questions. That being said, what does ...
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