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Splitting site-growth tag?

I think that the site-growth tag should be split to two tags- community-growth and site-growth. Why? I believe that this would make it easier to sort through questions related to growth of online ...
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Make [users] into [members]

It was suggested in the chatroom that many of our users tags should be renamed to members. I feel, "members" makes sense, especially as we consider all the areas we cover for community building. ...
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6 votes
4 answers

Drop "users" from some tags

I think there are a subset of tags that we can make easier to use by dropping the "users" portion of the tag. I propose the following: user-retention be renamed to retention (16 existing questions) ...
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I'm not a fan of [discussion], are there alternatives we could use?

I'm not a huge fan of the discussion tag. There are only three questions tagged with it. Is the idea of crowd-sourcing moderation duties a reason to prevent automated processes from helping?: This is ...
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