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Indicates you've found an erroneous or unexpected behaviour in the system that needs to be fixed.

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# of items in review queue is incorrect

I have suggested an edit to a question but when I look at the stats page for the suggested edits queue it says there are 0 items that need review. I also have 5 tag wiki edits pending. But still it ...
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Daily vote supply getting shut off prematurely

Users are allowed to up/downvote up to 40 posts per day (with the supply refilling at 0000 UTC). However, there seems to be a bug regarding this; for each of the past several days, I've been getting ...
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Linked question does not show up on sidebar

This question contains a link to this question; a such, each question should have a link in the sidebar to the other. For some reason, though, this is not the case. Is this a bug? I'm inclined the ...
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Why Are These Tabs In Not in English

I am pretty sure my default and current languish should be English. The rest of the words in my profile is in English except for the tabs: resumo respostas perguntas tags medalhas favoritos ...
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6 votes
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Inaccurate close reason

When opening the close dialog and selecting "off-topic", this is one of the close reasons: This question does not appear to be about building, administering, managing and cultivating digital ...
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Community Building doesn't exist in Data Explorer

"Community Building" doesn't exist in the data explorer. Instead it is still listed as "Moderators" Other (seemingly) related issues: Meta posts don't load from mobile apps Meta post oneboxes look ...
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Since the rename, posts from the feeds user don't have the same styling or all the elements

Adding on the previous bug reports, the Feeds user that posts recent Meta topics to The Town Hall, don't have the same styling or all the elements of previous posts. Example of how it looks now: ...
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Posts/comments don't onebox in chat

Some more remnants of the chaos Moderators SE → Community Building SE rename are still coming up, mainly for Meta CB. For example, there is an issue loading meta posts on the mobile app. Something ...
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1 answer

Community Building missing from network profile

With the name change, Community Building fell off the "accounts" list on my network profile: I know Pops said there are a lot of places to update for a name change. Looks like this one got missed. ...
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