It seems to me that tags like can be renamed simply to without being ambiguous, and avoiding redundancy.

Similarly, can become , can become can become etc., and in future we should actively avoid having tags with 'moderator' in them.


I'm not sure that your argument is correct in all cases.

Something like is different to as the former is done from a position of power and the solution is going to be different to that for bullying by regular users.

Also don't forget that ideally each tag should be able to be applied to a question as the only tag on that question and make sense. So something like wouldn't work as there is no indication of what you are selecting. You'd need another tag to define that.

  • +1 for the first example, it's a really good one. Oct 1 '14 at 19:48

The moderator-* tags are important to distinguish tags that would have a completely different meaning without the moderator portion.

As of this post, there are 5 tags with the moderator prefix:

Without the leading prefix, the meaning of each is lost.

  • moderator-selection, which seems to indicate a question about how one should choose a new moderator becomes selection. Selection of what?
  • moderator-teams, meaning a group of people that share moderator duties, becomes simply teams. Is this teams of users or teams in a game?
  • moderator-elections doesn't seem to lose as much meaning by dropping the prefix, but does become more generic. This is especially true if communities have elections for various positions.
  • moderator-relationship, which appears to be about how interpersonal relationships between moderators and others are handled becomes just relationship. This is very generic. It could be the relationship between your community and another community. The relationship between a user and a business partner they occasionally refer to, or it could be the relationship between two people regardless of whether one is a moderator or not.
  • moderator-access is a question about what privileges a moderator has. By becoming just access it could refer to access to the community, access to a subsection of a community or access control problems.

I don't think all tags should have moderator in front of them, but in some cases it is important.

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