It was suggested in the chatroom that many of our users tags should be renamed to members. I feel, "members" makes sense, especially as we consider all the areas we cover for community building. Neighbors aren't "users" of a community, but they are "members" of a community.

To me, "users" indicates someone is using software of some kind. They are "using" something to participate in the community. "Members" implies being a part of a group. You can be both a "user" and a "member", but within a community "member" is more encompassing.


I think we can rename the following tags from "user" to "member":

  1. ->
  2. -> ; This was renamed from "established" to "experienced" to remove the Stack Exchange bias associated with a specific reputation level: Established Users
  3. ->

With this rename to "members", I also propose that we synonymized all of these to the the old "users" tags. This keeps everyone on the same set of tags, but still allows people to find tags via "users" or "members" searches.

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This has been completed.

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