I'm not a huge fan of the tag. There are only three questions tagged with it.

How would you like to see this tag utilized? Or, can we come up with something more relevant than "discussion" as a tag?

I realize the irony of how this question is tagged too.


It seems like there are multiple kinds of discussion that are on topic:

  • Meta-discussion: exactly what we're doing here! We're discussing policies for our site. We could use the tag and/or . If those tags don't suffice, we could create a which lacks the confusion/baggage of the tag.
  • Talking it out: a form of conflict resolution where the involved parties discuss the prevalent issues. Would fall under .
  • Discussion as Content: where the actual content involves discussion. Relevant tags include or any platform tags (e.g. ).

The main use you mention in your post falls under the first category. In this case, a merge (not synonym) from is all that is required (along with removing this tag from the first question). I'm saying no for a synonym for because I'd personally like to see that tag nuked and gone from the system/cache.

  • I'm on board with all of this.
    – Andy Mod
    May 12 '15 at 15:36

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